IoT Made Easy

Temperature and Humidity

Our APIs designed to fetch readings from your ESP8266 or Raspberry Pi. Enabling you to view your data from anywhere in the world.

Remote Control

Control your switches using our APIs from anywhere over the internet. Any electrical appliances, made smart.

Safe and Secure

Our uniquely generated node ID keeps your data private and secure, protects breach and unauthorized access to your control panels.

Why bother about coding? We've got you covered!

Get Started Quickly

Join us and start creating nodes immediately. Enjoy transfering data using our handcrafted APIs.

Access anywhere from any device

Our responsive and simple user interface lets you access and control your data from any device. Use your desktop, phone or tablet, wherever you happen to be. Make changes in one, and the update will be reflected in all other devices.

Incredibly Fast Updates

Our APIs can fetch data from your nodes as frequently as 8 times every second, assuring the latest updates, everytime.